Portable Cooler Box w/ Ice Pack & Chopping Board - 55 Quart - Black

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About this item

  • Designed for the Wild: Bear locks keep predators and scavengers out, while the Anti-Slip Goat Feet pads ensure your cooler and contents stay steady on rough terrain and protected from hot surfaces
  • Advanced Drain System: Designed with Convenience Drain Plug to easily drain excess water while cooler remains tightly sealed and insulated for maximum ice retention
  • UP TO 5 DAYS OF ICE: ALL-TOP Cooler with an industry-leading 2" of insulation, keeps ice for up to 5 days. This is the perfect ice chest for camping, traveling to the beach, outdoor activities, family barbecues or just to keep your drinks cold on your front porch
  • 55 QUART MODEL: Our outdoor cooler 55 quart is true-to-size. It can double up as a bench, step stool, tabletop, or extra cutting board. Come with a dry basket which allows you to keep things dry and cool
  • Brand Warranty: ALL-TOP Cooler Box have a 2yeears warranty, please feel free to add it to your cart and buy it

Technical Details


ALL-TOP Premium Cooler Box Feature


  • Huge capacity can keep more food and allows a long-time adventure.
  • Industry-leading 2 inches of insulation keeps ice for up to 5 days.
  • Rubber apply on the edge provides the best seal and induces the wear of opening and closing.
  • The bear locks latches and 2 locking holes protect your food maximum.
  • Notice: If you can not open the box because of the cold inside and heat outside, please open the drain plug to release some water.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
By far the heaviest ice chest I own. But, it kept ice for 3 days.

I have 4 ice chests. This is definitely the heaviest ice chest I own. Weighing in at around 32 lbs. empty, this is no lightweight. The ice chest looks nice. The black and orange is an attention getter. It is a far cry from the average looking white lid coolers.The manufacturer claims the cooler has the most insulation of any cooler. This along with the silicone gasket, and the ability to secure the lid by latches keeps the cold air inside the cooler. The manufacturer claims that the cooler will keep ice in it for 5 days. I decided to test this. Their suggestion is to pre-cool the cooler by putting ice in it overnight, emptying the ice, and then placing new ice into the cooler. I have never heard of "pre-cooling" an ice chest, so I just dumped 16 lbs of ice into the cooler, froze the blue ice, and placed the cooler outside.So. Cal temps right now are between 95-105 this week (Santa Clarita Valley). I placed the cooler under our patio, so it gets shade until about 1:00 PM, and then full sun until sunset. I opened the cooler only once per day to see how the ice was doing, and I did not drain any of the cold water.The ice lasted for 3 days. After 24 hours, about a third of the ice was gone. After 48 hours, maybe a third of the ice was left with about 2" of ice cold water. Then by the end of the third day there was just a couple of cubes left, but the water was still cold..For just having one 16 lbs bag of ice poured into the cooler, I was impressed at how long the ice lasted. I could have place two more bags in the cooler, which would have made the ice last longer and dropped the temperature in the cooler.It is a nice cooler, the best I own. The accessories are nice, but are not a reason to purchase the cooler. The cooler is designed to compete with other high end brands, and it works well.

Heavy and Durable

This cooler is a big boy! I really don't know how else to describe it. When it's empty, it was a challenge to lift, but I am also pretty short, and the cooler is half my size. It comes with everything you need for a camping trip. The only disappointment about this item is that for the price, I feel like wheels should of been included. Especially since its so heavy. I would say 40-50 lbs. It's about 32 lbs. I get why there are no wheels, as it's directed to be extremely durable and anti slip, the anti bear locks and all - but they fail to mention just how heavy it is. I can only imagine how heavy it would be with everything inside of it. I needed my husband to help me carry it to the garage! I get that this might be a first world problem and taking my stature into consideration, I am sure a larger man would have minimal issues, but bring a buddy to help carry this big boy! Other than that, this is great option for camping or trips (if you're fit).