Portable Cooler Box w/ Ice Pack & Chopping Board - 55 Quart - Gray

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About this item

  • Designed for the Wild: Bear locks keep predators and scavengers out, while the Anti-Slip Goat Feet pads ensure your cooler and contents stay steady on rough terrain and protected from hot surfaces
  • 55 QUART MODEL: Our outdoor cooler 55 quart is true-to-size. It can double up as a bench, step stool, tabletop, or extra cutting board. Come with a dry basket which allows you to keep things dry and cool
  • Advanced Drain System: Designed with Convenience Drain Plug to easily drain excess water while cooler remains tightly sealed and insulated for maximum ice retention
  • UP TO 5 DAYS OF ICE: ALL-TOP Cooler with an industry-leading 2" of insulation, keeps ice for up to 5 days. This is the perfect ice chest for camping, traveling to the beach, outdoor activities, family barbecues or just to keep your drinks cold on your front porch
  • Brand Warranty: ALL-TOP Cooler Box have a 2yeears warranty, please feel free to add it to your cart and buy it

Technical Details



ALL-TOP Premium Cooler Box Feature


  • Huge capacity can keep more food and allows a long-time adventure.
  • Industry-leading 2 inches of insulation keeps ice for up to 5 days.
  • Rubber apply on the edge provides the best seal and induces the wear of opening and closing.
  • The bear locks latches and 2 locking holes protect your food maximum.
  • Notice: If you can not open the box because of the cold inside and heat outside, please open the drain plug to release some water.


Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

I have 3 big name ice chests from three well known manufacturers. But, you can never have too many ice chests! With that said, I ordered this one.This cooler is bulletproof. It is extremely well constructed, very heavy duty, and there has been a lot of attention to detail. It is heavy, but comparable to my other high end coolers (that are smaller). The performance surpasses those other high end coolers as well, keeping the contents cold for hours in the Texas heat. Finally, the built in bottle opener, cutting board, and dry basket (additional charges/ options on my other high end coolers) are a very nice addition. I can't say enough about the cooler. I highly recommend it!

Dropped the price by $140 since I ordered. Originally $360

Don’t get me wrong, this is a nice cooler. It’s just as good as any of the other options that are out there. I especially like that it comes with all the extra pieces and features you have to order separately from most other brands. When I ordered this they had it listed at $360 so my review is off of that which is way overpriced. It doesn’t mean it’s any less of a cooler because it’s great. It just means they finally came to their senses. The only real downside of this cooler is the weight. It’s super heavy and wouldn’t be fun to move around camping. I mean maybe a bear would leave it alone because it wouldn’t move when it tried to get in it so there’s that. At its current price of $215 it’s a steal. It’s on sale so don’t hesitate if you’re interested.

Kept things organized and cool kind of

I have taken this in a few day trips and wasn't as impressed with how long the ice didn't last. This cooler is heavy duty, the walls and lid are SOLID/thick & that makes the cooler all on it's own heavy to begin with add in the screw in ice packs and ice and the weight is a two person lift. The inside of the cooler is set up to provide you really great organization the included cutting board acts like a divider just know as the ice melts it will flow to that other side, I figured this would happen so I planned accordingly. The items in my cooler stayed cold in a day trip through multiple elevations and 100 degree weather outside- BUT the cooler was left in the back of an SUV and had maybe a few hours of being left in the SUV with the AC and at the end of a 12hr drive the 5lbs of ice was pretty much melted, what wasn't I left just to see how long it would last, by morning when I checked the ice was all melted (the cooler was left in my air-conditionined home) For me this was a bust especially with such a high price point. We shall ran into the issue of the cooler vapor locking and it took two to get it open a few times-i blame the altitude changes.