Off-Road Exhaust Air Jack - 8,800 Lbs - 31 inch Lift Height

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  • 【SAFER JACK LIFT】ALL-TOP Exhaust Air Jack could lift up to 31 inches of 8800 Lbs Vehicles off the ground with less pressure to the ground, preventing jack items from sinking if used on sand or marsh. What's more, it has much lower starting height to access your vehicle's bottom compared to traditional jack lifts and has safer stability by its soft shell design.
  • 【DURABLE CONSTRUCTION】Made from high-strength 1000D Nylon with double-sided PVC coating & three-layer design prevents the exhaust gas overheating from burning the air jack, ensures durability and stability during lifting, minimizing the risk of accidents or slippage.
  • 【DUAL INFLATION SYSTEM】Equipped with a 2-way inflation system, work with both exhaust and portable air compressors. Not only can you use the exhaust gas from your car to inflate the air jack, but you can also use an air compressor, allowing for quick and convenient operation.
  • 【WIDELY APPLICABLE】ALL-TOP Exhaust Air Jack is foldable, makes storage much easier compared to metal Lift Jacks, and save both time and space. For traditional Lift Jacks, sinking might occur on soft and moist land; and slippery might happen on cobbly roads; but with ALL-TOP Air Jack's Flat bottom design, you would have safer and easier lift recovery.
  • 【5-YEAR WARRANTY】To Join ALL-TOP's 200,000+ Community Today, our Reliable Overland Products support all Pro Players over the world. We persistently improve our Overland Products & After-Sale Services to ensure your 100% Satisfaction & Experience. ALL-TOP Jacks are provided with 5-Year /60-Month Hassle-Free Warranty and Lifetime Customer Support.

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      Based on 3 reviews
      Probably all made by same Chinese company.

      After watching several YouTube videos and reading the reviews, I'm convinced these jacks are all made by the same Chinese company. You can find them in price ranging from about $90 to about $130 for the 4 ton jack. I ordered one of the more expensive jacks because it was advertised (pictured) as being "yellow" instead of the majority color of orange; received an orange one. The warning labels on the.$90 model are identical to the $130 model. Does the jack work, absolutely yes. Although I haven't used it in an off-road necessitated situation, I did try it out at home. I tried it both with exhaust, and with air compressor. The jack will not work if you have dual exhaust, unless it is dual exhaust into a single outlet pipe with a diameter no greater than 3 inches. It also won't work properly if you have exhaust leaks anywhere in your exhaust system. Using compressed air the jack was filled to capacity using no more than 40 psi. The jack easily lifted my jeep wrangler from the side (both same side tires off the ground) and from the front (both front tires off the ground). Inflation time was about 3 minutes using both methods. The compressed air method was easier because you don't have to hold the hose on the exhaust, and with compressed air you can easily adjust the bag as needed during the initial inflation. Once deflated, the jack compactly stores in a convenient carry bag, which I stored under my rear seat. This jack is just one tool that can mean the difference between being "detained" (being able to get out by yourself), and being stuck (needing someone to pull you out).

      it works, but know its limitations

      This is a decent jack for use when in an emergency, but I'd never use it to change a tire or do anything more than just get a vehicle 'unstuck'.

      The best option... For me.

      This is a great product especially in my opinion for a SXS. It not only provides up to 31 in of lift when fully inflated you also have the option to use an air compressor to inflate it. I choose the air compressor method because the cone provided is too small to fit over the end of my exhaust. This bag is also a fabulous assistant to help upright your buggy if you don't have enough human help. This is another situation where you would want to use the air compressor because you would not want to run your motor when it's on its side or upside down.5+ Stars for this product.