2PCS Recovery Traction Boards & Mounting Kit, 3rd Gen (Red)

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2PCS Recovery Traction Boards & Mounting Kit, 3rd Gen (Red)

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  • 【4X4 MUST-HAVE】Keep these recovery boards with your off road vehicles in case you are stuck in the sand or riverside, somewhere there is no winching point for your recovery. Reinforced 100% Nylon can withstand high-strength impact and corrosion resistance. Withstand extreme temperatures from -13℉(-25℃) to 140℉(60℃).
  • 【SHOVEL & HANDLE】Flip over as a Shovel to clean up sand or mud which stuck your tires or vehicle bottom. With side handles to help carry and remove sediment fast. Designed U-shape helps maintain boards' stability and grip to prevent the vehicle from sliding or dislocation.
  • 【TOOTH-BITE EFFECT】The Tooth Surface of our Recovery Track provides an excellent Bite Effect, and its prominent friction points can help your vehicle climb out of any situation, making them excellent Offroad Recovery Kit items. Get unstuck faster and safer.
  • 【INCLUDED MOUNT KIT】Come with patent Mounting kits, including screws and nuts for secure and durable mounting. It is adjustable and DIYable to fit nearly all racks. Some partial DIY might be required for different rack models. With questions to install on your rack, feel free to send us pictures and videos and we will help you out.
  • 【RELIABLE WARRANTY】To Join ALL-TOP's 200,000+ Community Today, our Reliable Overland Products support all Pro Players over the world. We persistently improve our Overland Products & After-Sale Services to ensure your 100% Satisfaction & Experience. ALL-TOP Recovery Tracks are provided with 2-Year / 24-Month Hassle-Free Warranty and Lifetime Customer Support.

      Technical Details




        • If you are looking for a reliable Traction Track for your off-road vehicle, ALL-TOP new-generation reinforced nylon Traction Track will be your final choice.
        • The ALL-TOP Traction Track is made of track brand-new reinforced nylon material to ensure maximum load-bearing capacity and durability.
        • Both sides of the ALL-TOP Track have high traction surfaces. When the wheel hits the Track, the weight of the vehicle presses it into the surface below to increase traction and bite. With the bottom side of the Traction Track as an anchor point, your wheels will press into the high traction surface of the Track to enhance grip, so you will become inconvenient when driving.



        Integrated structure and reinforced nylon material make the strength and toughness more Stronger, more overall structure Can stand the test, no Easy to break. 48 reinforced beams provide a solid reinforcement Structure to extend service life


        The protruding anchor points increase friction and help the tire. 80 cylinders and 28 square protruding anchor points increase friction and provide forward assistance for the tire


        Not Afraid of Sunlight and Cold These ALL-TOP traction mats will not change color due to frequent sun exposure, also these mats flex and conform well in cold temperatures and are effective in both ice and snow.


        Bottom bending-proof,Cruciform Grip ground design makes the product more firm,more solid in ground gripping.


        Trust in the Safety of ALL-TOP Recovery Geasr for your future Adventures through Sand, Mud, Rocks and Snow!




        Vehicle Recovery in rock

        Vehicle Recovery in Snow

        Vehicle Recovery in Desert

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 31 reviews
        Nice boards, cheap carry case

        The boards will definitely do the trick to get my F350 out of a stuck situation with sand or snow. The boards seem study with great traction. Not sure why anyone would spend $300 on a pair. The only down fall is the carry case is cheap. The zipper busted while I was showing off the boards to co-workers...

        AWESOME!!! Got me out of grassy muddy hell, lol.

        I got my Toyota Camry Hybrid stuck in a grassy/muddy area on a Saturday mid December. With the rain and fog, the tow service was unable to get my car out, fearing that they would also get stuck. After the rain stopped on Sunday, I waited three days for the muddy 80% grassy 20% to dry out. When I arrived on Thursday, the ground had not dried up completely, so it was still soft in some places, but not muddy. The depth of the front tires sunken into the mud was around 3-4". In order for this to work, I had to dig out the mud, front and back of the tires on all four. It wasn't magic, remember the tires are sunken in front and rear and the car is already low and very little ground clearance, so there was some digging with my hands and shoveling necessary to maneuver the Recovery Boards underneath along my front wheel drive tires. Note that since my car had some sort of traction slippage control built into it, it was a disadvantage hate to say when I tried and wanted the tires to accelerate. So with the mud and slight slippage, i got almost no power to the wheels, arghhh! After several maneuvers of the Recovery Boards and not giving up, wheww! The final position was getting the tires onto the boards, closer to one end of the boards. That way, I had some room to roll and accelerate the opposite direction, (which was reverse for my case), which got me out of hell, haha. Without these Recovery Boards I wouldn't have gotten out. Also, a big thanks to my friend who was there to observe, analyze and give me key suggestions what to do and not. We did it! Thank you

        So affordable!

        Very nice product, very sturdy and look great, I highly recommend all top products for anything you need for ur overlanding rig