100% Nylon Recovery Tow Strap - 3in x 30ft - 35,000 Lbs

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ALL-TOP 100% Nylon Recovery Tow Strap - 3in x 30ft - 35,000 Lbs

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  • 【RECOVERY MUST-HAVE】ALL-TOP Recovery Strap is the most convenient, cost effective, reliable overlanding gear you should have to safeguard your off-road trips. Unlike most other branded Tow Straps, ALL-TOP Towing Recovery Straps are made of 100% Nylon Webbing with Premium Stitching, providing genuine 22% elasticity for you to feel the Kinetic Snatching Force.
  • 【KINETIC SNATCHING】Length: 30 feet / 9 meter. Width: 3 inches / 76 mm. Color: High-Visible Orange for Clear Visibility & Safer Recovery. Strap Webbing: 100% Nylon N66. ALL-TOP Recovery Strap Webbing is like a rubber band, by its 22% elasticity, generates Kinetic Snatching Force helping you and your friends get unstucked.
  • 【WORRY-FREE DESIGN】Certified 35,000 Lbs Break Strength allows you to recover nearly all stucked vehicles and even Semi Trucks, no joking by its features of triple reinforced Eye Loops and Neoprene Protective Sleeves. With ALL-TOP Recovery Strap, you do not need to check Work Load Limit or Safety Factors anymore, yet to check the Stableness of Recovery Points.
  • 【WHY YOU NEED US】Four-wheelers got stucked in riverside with sticky mud, Overlanding Explorers lost tire traction in desert, Rock Crawlers lacking of engine torque to go over large boulders, or someone sliped over at icy roadside in snowstorm. Don't you want to be the hero help them out with an unbreakable ALL-TOP Recovery Fat Strap?
  • 【LIFETIME WARRANTY】To join ALL-TOP's 200,000+ Community Today, our Reliable Overland Products support all Pro Players over the world. We persistently improve our Overland Products & After-Sale Services to ensure your 100% Satisfaction & Experience. ALL-TOP Recovery Straps are provided with 99-Year / 999-Month Hassle-Free Warranty and Lifetime Customer Support.

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      Based on 28 reviews


      Great strap

      Perfect snatch strap. Has a big of stretch that works great to get a trapped vehicle or if having to tow a vehicle.

      NOT a tow strap

      Read and understand the difference. The description calls this a recovery strap one place and a tow strap - in the same sentence. This is a snatch strap only. The strap is made of nylon with a claimed 22% stretch factor. Tow straps are polyester and should not stretch. Know the difference and when to use which kind. I chose this strap over the kinetic rope kind, because this coils up smaller than a 1in kinetic rope. Have not had to use it yet, but if you go wheeling or overland, this should be an essential part of your recovery kit.